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Fabelab Ramp Racer - Fabbies Land - Wood

Follow the fun animal creatures on their ride through the Land of Fabelab. The Ramp Racer is a fun toy that can entertain kids for hours and keep their attention as they watch the small animals roll from one ramp to the next. The animals are Fabelab's well-known characters in the Land of Fabelab; Bunny, Dragon, Bob and the sleepy Sloth. The animals consist of four wood pieces with rounded corners, so that they can roll down the Ramp and explore the Land of Fabelab.

A ramp racer is something your kids never get tired of. It encourages the development of hand-eye coordination and motor skills and is easy for kids to play with. Four cute animal Fabbies are included with the Ramp Racer. When the animals are put on top of The Ramp Racer and released, they roll down the track - And when the Ramp Racer is not in use, it can be placed as a nice decoration in the kid's room.

Age recommendation: 18m+
Size: 28x28x8cm
Material:  plywood+MDF+solid wood
Wash code: N1
Quality: 100% Plywood
Dimensions: 28 x 28 x 8 cm/ 5 parts