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Complete Cleansing Smudging + Crystal Kit

Our KAHM Co smudging + crystal kits has everything you need to cleanse and purify the energy of a space or person.

Both sizes include smudge stick + white selenite raw crystal, hand wrapped with a selection of beautiful dried flowers. 

Smudging is a sacred ritual that comes from the native peoples in both North and South America. The tradition is cleansing and purifying with smoke to clear negative energy from a person or space. 

Selenite brings protection, harmony, and healing to your body, mind, and home. Selenite is known as the high vibrating protection and cleansing crystal, as it It dispels negative energy from spaces + people.

It also enhances clarity of thought, clears confusion and calms troubled minds. It can stabilise one's emotions and offer deep peace, it's calming properties and links to the crown chakra also make it ideal to use in meditation or spiritual work. 

Selenite has the power to cleanse and clear other crystals. It never needs cleansing itself and should never be immersed in or cleansed with water.

Smudging instructions: Ignite smudge bundles over a ceramic bowl (or an abalone shell containing sand). Gently blow the glowing embers to product smoke. Metaphorically was your hands in the smoke and waft it over the body of space whilst stating your intentions. If using sand in abalone shell extinguish the sand after use. Don't leave unattended.

  • Large kit includes Lavender & White Sage 
  • Small kit includes Californian White Sage  (approx 13cm) + Selenite (approx 10cm)