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Dog Mom

A very different breed from a crazy cat lady, but with all the eccentricities the name connotes, a dog mom is proud, loving, totally obsessed, and always willing to do anything for that perfect creature in her care – her dog. And there are millions of them out there, especially on Instagram, sharing the love with the hashtag #dogmom. A perfect gift just for them is Dog Mom, the little book that gets it. Beautifully illustrated in a bright, vibrant, and emotionally rich way by Isabel Serna, who clearly knows the unique bond between woman and dog, this is a joyful celebration of the dog mom lifestyle: how she spells out 'W-A-L-K' so as not to excite her pet; how she plans her pup’s Halloween costume months in advance; different petting techniques and how they work - all in the name of giving her dog the love and life it deserves.