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Letter W Ice Cube Shape

W is the DrinkPlink for your favourite Whisky drinkers, Wine drinkers, Water drinkers and for gifting to Will, Wendy, Wolfgang and the Wilsons.  

An upside-down W is an M for Mum, Mothers, Melissa, Michael, margarita and mojito lovers and the Maxwells.
Each slow melting W / W is sized to have attitude.     

When you pop them out of the tray, they are 60mm (w) x 48mm (h) and 40mm (d)
4 x W's per tray   
Size of tray: 140mm (w) x 140mm (h) x 42mm (d)

Bake up to 220°
Create chocolates, candles, bath bombs, crayons and more...
Food grade silicone, free of BPA, BPS, phthalates
Dishwasher safe

Australian owned & designed