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Ikari Candles - 50 Min - Set of 3

The mind’s nature is to think. We meditate to see those thoughts more clearly. Meditation is a way to train the mind. Meditation brings us back to the present moment, it allows us to step out of distracted thought, and helps us arrive in the present moment in a balanced and clear way.

A great gift to those who are familiar with mediation and would like to dedicate more time to their wellness, and are comfortable meditating for longer periods of time.

Our Ikari candles can help with your daily meditation routine. At 50 minutes per candle, this one is for when you have more time to dedicate, or to re-use for your next session.

The Ikari candle set includes:
• Ikari candles (50-minute) x 3

These candles need to be used with a candle stand (not included).

Our Ikari candles are handmade in Japan by expert candlemakers. These traditional Japanese candles are made from natural rice bran wax.

• Quantity: 3 Ikari candles
• Burn time: 50 minutes
• Dimensions: 15 x 75 mm (D x H)
• Colour: White
• Material: Rice bran wax & vegetable wax
• Wick: Japanese paper