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Ombre Chapel Candle

Moving from dark to light, our Ombre range is textural, dramatic and moody.

Our signature textured candles take on a new mien; the interplay of different colours adds another layer of unique beauty, another layer to the story conveyed by each of our hand-poured artisan candles.

Currently available in our Ombre range:

  • Earth Collection – a play of Ivory and Dark Brown wax with shades of grey emerging where they mix
  • Lunar Collection – a play of Black and White wax
  • Atlantic Collection – a play of Deep Blue, Aquamarine and White wax

Each candle is hand-poured to order just for you.  The play of colour and texture means that your candle is absolutely unique.

Burning Time:
extra small   50 hours
small   100 hours
medium   180 hours
large   280 hours

All sizes are 10cm in diameter

extra small   8cm 
small   14cm 
medium   22cm 
large   36cm

extra small   600g
small   1kg
medium   1.5kg 
large   2.5kg