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West: The American Cowboy

The rolling prairies and ranch communities of the great heartland of America's West may be a long way from New York City, but renowned photographer Anouk Masson Krantz has clocked up many thousands of miles over several years exploring and capturing in rich photographic detail the compelling worlds of the American cowboy/cowgirl, championship rodeo arenas, ranch life and farming communities of this slice of the United States.

Set out in a beautiful large-format book, the pages within are filled with Krantz's magnificent duotone images of the spirit of an extraordinary group of people and their lives, and in their own words, their great love of family, tradition and work ethic, and their great pride and affinity with their animals and the rich American rodeo championship sporting culture.

Earning wide acclaim for her incredible fine art work exhibited in galleries and published in the bestselling Wild Horses of Cumberland Island (2017), also by IMAGES, West: The American Cowboy is another artful, intimate study of the American character and their sense of place, and is a unique collection of works brought together by this award-winning photographer and storyteller.

Book Features:

  • Exceptional fine art photography - several years in the making - of the American cowboy/cowgirl and rodeo communities, the horse and cattle ranches, and the remarkable landscape of America's Wild West, by celebrated and award-winning photographer, Anouk Masson Krantz
  • Intimate explorations and portrayals of a society that honours historical traditions and practices a set of values that includes honesty, integrity, loyalty, work ethic, and dedication to family

175 b/w photographs